The New Team

After the dinner, Evans, Tiscornia, and Johnson walked back to the Squad’s tent, where the full team had finally arrived. They gathered in the meeting room. Evans sat on the desk at the front, with Johnson and Tiscornia going to the side.

“All right, now that we’re all here, let’s do some introductions. I’ll start,” Evans introduced himself, followed by Johnson and Tiscornia. Then the Squad went in order of rank.

An average looking, bookish woman stood up, took off her glasses, smiled, looked around, and said, “I’m Lance Corp Kitty McGilligan. I’m from the Western Desert. Been in a while, but I had an affliction and was forced out of the show for a time. Fought at all three Tsiv’s.” She sat down.

The next Lance Corporal stood. He was a tall, confident man with blond hair. He snapped his fingers and stood, “Callahan’s the name. Farming’s the game. Missed the Gate by a few days. When this lovely show is done, I’m gonna go to University.”

The final Lance Corporal stood. He smiled with his bright eyes, “Lance Corporal Olejniczak. You can call me Ollie. I’m from Silesia. I’ll be Miss Johnson’s spotter. I’m a carpenter by trade.”

Howe stood up, “Private Howe. I’m from Didcot. It’s just outside Strongfield, and I work at the market. I fought at Third Tsiv.”

The next private stood up. He was an average sized good looking young man, “Pierre Nivelle. I’m from Newacre. Fought at the Third Tsiv. And I’m going to be an actor someday.”

A tanned man stood up and smiled, “Stephen Madison. From Seahaven my parents are fishermen. They were in the Navy, so they aren’t quite happy about me being here. But well, this isn’t a career anyways, I’m going to be a Pastor. I got here a few days ago.”

The final private stood up. She was an attractive looking young woman with what seemed to be makeup on her face, “Patricia Sheppard. I’m from Strongfield. I was at the Third Tsiv and once this war is over, my fiancé Morgan and I will be married. He’s in a Logistics battalion.”

“So, Private Madison, since you’re the future man of the cloth here, want to give us a blessing?” Evans smiled to the young Private Madison.

Madison smiled and stood up, “If everyone could circle up around me and join hands.”

While Evans walked forward he watched everyone’s reaction. Howe excitedly grasped Nivelle’s hand and locked their fingers together. McGilligan put on gloves before gingerly joining hands with Howe and Callahan. Callahan grabbed onto Sheppard’s hand and gripped McGilligan’s hand tightly. Sheppard and Olejnicz… Ollie grabbed hands coolly. Ollie grabbed Johnson’s hand. Evans grabbed Johnson and Tiscornia’s hands and finally Tiscornia grasped Nivelle. Madison smiled in the center, “All nice and cozy now isn’t it? Lord, protect these brave men and women in our hour of need. Shield us with your almighty love. May your power bring us all home safely and guide us in our service of you. Amen.”

This was gonna be a good team. Evans knew it.


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