Dinner Continued

Across the room, Tiscornia was waving Evans over, so Evans politely excused himself from Totti and Turner and took his food over. Tiscornia was seated across from Corporal Johnson, who rose and extended her hand, “Emily Johnson, It is a pleasure to be properly acquainted Sergeant.”

Evans shook her hand, “You too Corporal. From What I’ve heard, I’m lucky to have you.” He put his plate on the table and sat down. Johnson followed suit.

“Well I am most pleased for a decorated man such as yourself to take charge of me. I have read of your exploits at Urbs and the Vledsco Landings. You seem to have a keen tactical mind Sergeant.”

“Well I learned a lot of what I know from Tiscornia here, so it looks like we’ll do very well for ourselves,” Evans smiled, “So, Johnson, tell me about yourself.”

“I am from Medway. My parents were hunters, so I grew up shooting. I was engaged before the war. We joined up together,” Johnson looked down, “I surprised him with a visit to his unit about six months into the war. Well. I found that he had not told anyone about me, and gotten another soldier in the family way. I guess he did not share my desire to wait until marriage. So the engagement was called off, his family shamed.”

“I’m sorry Johnson.”

“Do not be sorry, I saved myself the trouble of being married to someone such as him,” Johnson looked back up, “How about you two?”

“I’ve got a wife, Anna. She’s in Medway with our three kids,” Evans smiled and continued, “I grew up on a farm somewhat near Strongfield.”

“Where in Medway?”

“Near the castle, I don’t know Medway so well. I’ve only actually been there a few times.”

“Well, I will have to show you around after the war. Your wife can come too if she wants.”

“She’d love that, and she’s also seemed interested in hunting in the area, maybe you could show her around.”

“Your wife hunts? Wonderful, and would you be joining us on these expeditions?”

Evans shook his head and said, “No thanks, I’m not good with guns…”

Tiscornia chuckled, “I’ll say.”

“So, Lance Corporal Tiscornia, how about you?” Johnson said.

“I’m from Liguria if you haven’t guessed. Once this whole war is over I’m going to go to University and becoming a professor of history,” Tiscornia paused, “I’d rather not talk about my family if it’s OK with you.” Tiscornia got up and walked away, leaving his plate.

Evans leaned in and whispered to Johnson, “His little sister passed away a few years ago. He later married someone from the unit and she passed away too. It’s hit him pretty hard, so don’t bring it up.”

“My Lord. I am so sorry for him.”


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