The police officer was still in shock, “We… We… didn’t hit any of you… Did we?”

“Thank God for you that you didn’t. If you had, you would be dying, very slowly, very painfully,” Lieutenant Hudson turned to the wall, “You can come out! False Alarm!”

The team worked their way over the wall and made their way across the open area to the building. Lieutenant Hudson turned back to Chet, “So, how’s it going, How’s the wife?”

Chet smiled, shrugging off the earlier gunfire, “Sheryl’s great, she’s taking a few months off work, because, well, we’re parents now.”

“That’s great! Though, I can imagine her now, just itching to get back out in the field.”

“Yeah, but that’s why I love her,” Chet smiled, “How’s Mike doing?”

Lieutenant Hudson rolled her eyes, “It’s my fault for marrying a Business major. He’s in the Quartermaster corps and he’s constantly writing me to tell me about his next business venture,” She then reached into her pocket and pulled out her notebook, “I’ve been taking notes on the canyon we were walking up, I can mark it on your map and you can steal my notebook. I just want Fifteen Percent.”

Chet responded “Five Percent”

“Ten Percent”

“Fine, it’s not like you’re making any money in the army anyways.”

She then turned to Evans, “Jim, take anything useful I can find, especially water.”

Evans nodded, “Yes Ma’am,” He then entered the building. All the windows were curtained or shuttered, so Evans had to draw back a curtain to shed light on the room. Dusty maps and boxes were strewn about throughout the room. Evans looked for anything useful, any water jugs or anything that says water. He ransacked the place, finding nothing.

Eventually Lieutenant Hudson came in with Chet and he grabbed a local map with a strange word on it. He nodded to her, “Here’s the local Hydrogeological map of the area. There’s a recently tested well about a kilometer from here. I’d recommend sending a party to get water then spending the night here.”

“Sounds good, will you be staying here?”

“No, I’ve gotta head a few kilometers North and do some surveying.”

“Righto, Good hunting.”

Chet smiled and said, “Yeah, because you’re getting way too much of my money.” He then turned and left.

Lieutenant Hudson turned to Evans, “Well, since you charged the building, why don’t you take charge of it. I’ll take five soldiers to get water. I want you to have a rotating watch of two soldiers. The rest of you get some sleep. We should be back in an hour or two. Try not to shoot us on our way back”