(Sorry for the short post this week, I’m in the Field in New Mexico with little access to technology)


Evans vaulted over the wall and started towards the building, with his small team behind him. They made it about halfway across the gap to the building when a shot was fired. A bullet whizzed past Evans head.

Ducking down, Evans waved his arm forward for the team to follow. Lieutenant Hudson’s team on the wall erupted in a short burst of fire as Evans charged across to the side of the house. In a few short seconds he closed the gap to the building and stacked next to the door. His three made it to the wall, and Kelsey got ready to kick in the door. Evans was about to give him the go ahead when he heard a shout from the inside, “We Surrender! Don’t Shoot!”

Evans waved the team back from the door, leveled his pistol with the door, and shouted back, “Come out with your hands up!”

After a few moments, the door opened. First, a scruffy looking man came out. Evans waved to Kelsey, “Pat him down and send him back to the Lieutenant.”

Next, a woman wearing what appeared to be a uniform came out. Her face dropped to a look of horror when she saw the uniforms on Evans’ team. She opened her mouth to speak when she was cut off by a shout from Lieutenant Hudson, “CHET! WHAT THE SHIT MAN?”

The scruffy man shouted back, “NOELLE!? THAT YOU?”

Lieutenant Hudson leapt over the wall and ran over. She and the scruffy looking man hugged, then she slapped him, “Why were you shooting at my team? You’re not one of those rebels are you?”

“No, I’m still with the company,” he pointed back at the horrified woman, “Because of the rebels, the Western Desert assigned some Police to protect me. And they shot at you.”

Lieutenant Hudson walked over to the police officer and slapped her, “What the shit?”


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