Falls Apart

“I WILL NOT SHARE A ROOM WITH  THAT COMMON WHORE,” Johnson was screaming at Evans. It had been less than twenty four hours and the Squad was already fallen apart.

The beginning had all been so innocent. Evans had been reading over the service records for the squad when he got to McGilligan. There was a ten month gap in her service record followed by a demotion. So he called her in to talk about it.


“McGilligan, glad you could come in,” Evans smiled as he glanced over the service record, “I just have a few questions.”

McGilligan sat down in the chair in front of Evans’ desk, “No Problem Sergeant. I was just doing some light reading.”

“Oh, what book?”

“You probably haven’t heard of it Sergeant. I’ve been on this Vledscan kick lately and I’ve been getting into some of the more obscure novels.”

“Hmm,” Evans looked back over her record, “That isn’t in your record. That you know Vledscan.”

“Oh, just reading and listening. I can’t really speak it at all,” McGilligan smiled and played with one of her gloves, “So why did you call me in here Sergeant?”

“It’s about your record Lance,” Evans tapped the table with his finger, “You got to Corporal, and then you suddenly disappeared for the better part of a year. And when you came back you were a Lance and transferred to the 202nd.”

Blushing, McGilligan looked down and spoke quietly, “It is my great shame Sergeant. I…. I made a mistake with a man who I thought loved me… He did not. So I returned home in shame. And after the forty weeks,” McGilligan started to cry, “When this war is over, I will return home. A woman without virtue. Without honor.Maybe I can die a noble death, and my son will not bear the shame of his mother.”


The conversation was overheard. After Evans consoled McGilligan and the two exited, the whole squad sans Madison and Tiscornia,  was staring from the common area. Someone muttered the word ‘Harlot’ and McGilligan began to cry again. Evans led her to the bunk room she shared with Johnson and returned to his office.

There was about an hour of silence before Howe came in. She still had a shocked look of disgust on her face.


“Sergeant, may I speak freely?”

“Yes Howe,” said Evans hesitantly.

“Aren’t you going to do something sir?”

“About what soldier?”

“About that… that fille de joie,” Howe shook her head, “How can I trust her to command me in battle when she can’t even keep her legs closed. We’re fighting to preserve our values, not to degrade them.”

“Get out of my office Private.”




Another hour passed before Johnson came in and started screaming.


“How, Sergeant, do you expect me to sleep at night when I have to endure that strumpet and her lurid pursuits? And how is she going to focus on her job if she is focusing on men?”

“Corporal, look at her record. She’s got an MoE 3rd with a cluster and an MoE 2nd. All combat. Like she said, all three Tsiv’s. I’ve read her citations and promotions. She’s a fine soldier.”

“I’ll believe that when I see it Sergeant,” Johnson stood up and left the office.

Evans walked out of the office, spotted Tiscornia, walked up and whispered to him, “Where’s McGilligan?”

“On a walk with Madison.”

“Pastor Junior? Is that a good idea? Heavily religious type and her?”

“What I thought,” Tiscornia shrugged, “I think they went to the obstacle course?”

“Well, I’ll head over there now.”


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