“ALRIGHT KIDS! LET’S GO!” Sergeant Major Gabriel was shouting. Everyone was scrambling to load the trucks

Evans shook hands with Johnson, “You take command while I’m in the cab. I know, real exciting.”

“Yes Sergeant, I wish I knew how to drive.”

“Hit me up after the war, I’ll teach you with my truck at my family’s farm,” Evans smiled before he walked to the cab of the truck. He took a seat behind the wheel. Captain Gates sat next to him and pulled out the map.

“Start the truck Sergeant, and you know the way out of the compound?”

“Yes Sir,” Evans replied while starting up the truck.

“Good. We’ve got three towns to clear before nightfall. Now give me your bayonet.”

Unclipping the bayonet frog from his belt, Evans handed the scabbard to Captain Gates.

Captain Gates drew the long sword bayonet out of its scabbard, leaned out the window and waved to the other truck with the bayonet, “ALRIGHT! IS EVERYONE LOADED UP? NOW LET US GO FORTH!” He then pointed the bayonet forward.

Evans put the truck in drive and started towards the exit of the compound. Captain Gates put the bayonet away and opened up the map, “Take a right after the main gate, then we’ll stay on the road for a few dozen kilometers till Junction 106. Then we’ll head east until Junction 288. With that, it will be Northeast until we hit some town that the map calls Rogovaya Obmanka. It’s a crossroads town, so it has a direct route to our next one. We should get to town at about eight. Two hours generous for clearing it.”

“Sounds good Lieutenant,” Evans nodded as he turned right out of the main gate, “Can you give me directions on the way, Sir?

“Yes Sergeant. And there should be some road signs pointing the general direction.”


As the platoon got closer and closer to Rogovaya Obmanka, Evans started to notice more and more traffic coming towards them. He looked over at Captain Gates, “Any reason why we’d get this much traffic coming from the front Sir? I thought we had a big advance right now.”

“Yeah, well, we can pull over an officer once we get into Rogova… Rogo. Whatever it is, we should hook up the wireless when we get there and report this in. Maybe Regimental has news on this.”


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