“Who are you here to see?” The orderly queried McGilligan and Nivelle.

“Sheppard, 202nd Infantry. She was admitted with a head injury.”

“She’s in the General Ward. Follow the signs. Bed 16.”

McGilligan nodded and dragged Nivelle along. She felt ridiculous, dragging along a man twice her size like a little kid. He was still mopey. Though the General Ward was good. That meant she wasn’t dead. Or they hadn’t updated the paperwork. Once they got to the entrance to the ward, she looked up into his eyes, “You ready to go in Kid?”

He nodded.

McGilligan smiled and pushed open the door. They walked down the line of beds until they found Bed 16. Sheppard was sitting there, straining to read a book.

Nivelle smiled, “You’re alive!”

She looked at him and squinted, “Yes… Nivelle? And are you with McGilligan?”

“Yes… So, what do you know about what happened?” McGilligan asked Sheppard.

“Nothing. I went to bed last night and woke up here. The doctor told me we were on a hike and I hit my head. Everything’s blurry and I’ve been spending the last hour trying to read a page in this book.”

“Yeah,” McGilligan nodded, “Sergeant Evans wanted us to go hike to some hill. You were crossing a river, slipped, and smashed your head against a big rock. Bleeding pretty bad. Nivelle here jumped in and saved you while we were all standing around in shock. He had to swim upstream with you under his arm, keeping your head above water.”

“Thank you Nivelle. If you want anything. Anything at all. I will be happy to help. My Fiance would also probably lend his support in.”

“Just get better Shep,” Nivelle smiled and continued, “I’ll see you when the unit gets back.”


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