Coming to a slow halt, the train pulled into the station. If you could call it that. It was a small wooden platform with scattered piles of crates. There was one wooden booth so the two soldiers on duty could have some shelter for their shift. Beyond the platform was a thick maze of tents. And just beyond the tent city, Evans could make out the drilling grounds. There was Platoon of soldiers practicing their marching.


Using his cane to push himself up, Evans grabbed his pack and made his way off the train. He didn’t really need the cane for most walking, but the pack was a bit easier to lift with it. Plus the doctor told him to use is it for the next two weeks. Luckily, these two weeks were just getting his new squad put together. And Tiscornia had already started that. Because, even better, Tiscornia was the rifle team commander.

Apparently, the army had selected the 202nd as a trial for a new fighting system. Instead of having the standard Sergeant commanding two three soldier teams with a Corporal as an assistant, Now, the Corporal was in charge of the two rifle teams, and there was an additional two person special team. Evans was assigned a marksman team. The Corporal would have a scoped rifle and the Lance Corporal would have a spotters scope and regular rifle. So his was considered a Rifle Squad. Two of the other squads in the platoon would be Grenadier Squads with a dedicated rifle grenadier and assistant each. The fourth squad in the platoon was the Automatic Squad. They had an Automatic rifleman and an assistant.

As he got onto the platform, Howe greeted him, “Sergeant! Lance Corporal Tiscornia told me to guide you to our squads tent and to take your bag Sergeant.”

“So you’re in my squad Private Howe?” Evans let Howe take the bag from him.

“Yes Sergeant! I won’t let you down. I owe you,” she smiled and started walking off the platform.

“You owe me nothing Private, I was just doing my job,” Evans walked next to her, occasionally remembering to use the cane properly, “So, What can you tell me about the rest of the squad?”

“I don’t really know them that well besides Lance Corporal Callahan and Privates Nivelle and Sheppard. As well as Lance Corporal Tiscornia,” Howe took a breath and continued, “Lance Corporal Callahan has been in for a while. He was at the Crater Battle where everyone got all those awards. He’s one of those smart people who aren’t all mean about how smart they are. Mostly he’s shy and likes to read books on his own. Next would be Nivelle. He was born in Newacre, but he grew up in an Ambarian community, so he still has that accent. Which just adds to his overall… cuteness. He know’s a lot of plays and is so funny. Ooh, and when we were in Newacre before we shipped here, his family came to see him off, and they had the cutest little dog.”

Evans rolled his eyes at the description.

Not noticing, Howe continued, “Finally is Sheppard, she looks like she should be in one of those moving pictures. She seems a bit full of herself, and she has a boyfriend that she talks about a lot. She does have like the most beautiful dresses when we’re on leave, and, like I don’t know where she gets the money, her parent’s work in a factory in Strongfield. I thought for a bit that it was her boyfriend, but she doesn’t seem like one of those women.”

Evans took a moment to formulate his response, “I meant to… inquire about their abilities as soldiers. Not the gossip and who you have a crush on.”

Blushing, Howe pointed to the tent, “Here we are Sergeant. Lance Corporal Tiscornia is in your office. I’ll put your pack in your bunkroom.”

“Thank you Private.”


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