Train Stop

When the train came to a stop for breakfast and coal refueling, Evans stepped off to the side for a much needed cigarette. Lieutenant Welch walked up, looking a bit uncomfortable in her new uniform and asked, “First Squad all in the new uniforms?”

“Yes Ma’am. My two soldiers from the Western Desert say it’s a good uniform for being out there.”

“Well at least someone likes it,” Lieutenant Welch turned her head to where the company was eating breakfast, “You know Sergeant, in my count of First Platoon, I’m coming up two short for your squad. Something I need to know about?”

Evans shook his head and replied, “No. Two of my soldiers are just busy Ma’am. And they’ll be busy for lunch as well Ma’am. So no need to ask about them then.”

“Very Well Sergeant. And on a more personal note, how is Private Gibson adapting to your Squad? She was the only replacement from my old platoon to join you. And, well, she sort of idolized you.“

“She’s adapting well Ma’am. Has some new friends. Seems to be smart, and will make a good NCO someday.”

“You a pessimist then Sergeant?” The Lieutenant let off a short laugh, “You think the war is going to last that long? We’ve got the Boxers on the ropes.”

“Hey, I’ve got three kids at home and another on the way, I want to go back home as soon as possible. But I think she might stay in even after the war ends.”

“Good intel Sergeant. Once this starts to wind down, I’ll put in a word for her up the chain,” the Lieutenant nodded, “And you’re sure that your Squad is good?

“We’ll be fighting ready by the time we get to the Desert. Don’t worry Lieutenant.”


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