Party Part III

“So, kid,” Moore said to Gibson, “On a lighter note, you have anyone back home?”

Shaking her head, Gibson replied, “No, no one. Actually, before I enlisted, I was reading stories in the papers about a great hero soldier who came from a humble background. I clipped articles about him, and even had a little photo. Then, I get into the Army, find out he’s married, but also,” Gibson pointed over to Evans, “My Sergeant…. Well, after some excitement a little while ago at Rogovaya Obmanka. I was with the 127th then.”

“Ooh, ‘excitement.’ You’re getting the slang down good kid.”

“I’ve got the Sergeant to help.”

“He’s a fucking idiot eh?” Shaw shouted, quieting the room.

There was the sound of glass smashing and Evans slurred, “I am. Good Lorrrrd. I am. Ye know how man… many kids are dead because of me? How many kids have I sent to their deaths?” Evans collapsed to the ground and started sobbing, “I was a prisoner of war, you know? You know what they did there?” He paused, “I wouldn’t want to be a woman in those camps. I saw things no one should fuckin’ see.” Evans grabbed a bottle of whiskey and then slumped to the ground as he took a swig, “I just wanna be home with my family, what am I fucking doing out here? I should be home. I should be home.”

One of the soldiers from the 351st pointed to Gibson, “Hey, kid, can you help Sergeant Evans home?”

Gibson nodded and started to help Sergeant Evans out. He muttered to her, “Don’t tell anyone. I’m su… supposed to be in charge. You know, I’ve heard you. Say you want to marry a man like me. I’m fucking broken. Find someone who hasn’t seen this shit. Find someone who’s still whole. Who’s a good person”

“You’re still a good person Sergeant,” Gibson shook her head, ”I saw you at Rogovaya Obmanka. You tried to do what was best for your squad. You saved Shep from that officer. You’re a hero Sergeant.”


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