Major Thomas Vignette

“Five Minutes to contact with town, Raise weapons ready.”

“Raising weapons ready Sir.”

Major Dan Thomas racked the bolt on his Machine Gun. Things had been good for him since the rescue at Belaya Valley. He was quickly promoted from Lieutenant to Captain and given his own Troop. And last month, his own Squadron. He now had ninety six vehicles under his command and six hundred and fifty Hussars, Lancers, and Dragoons manning them. And they were all headed to Rogovaya Obmanka. And, as the lead vehicle in the column, he’d get to test out the new plow he’d gotten a party to weld on.

“Raise Clear City Flag with Flying Wedge. Send radio message, ‘Ride through city at full gallop. At edge of city, Wedge. Dragoons form wall at edge of city, dismount, and clean. Unhorsed report to ranking Infantry Officer present. Out.”

The Signals sergeant responded in affirmative. Major Thomas then leaned to his driver, “Driver, if you see a vehicle, hit it with the plow.”

“Looking forward to it Major.”

They hit the town, moving fast. Some shells were falling in the area, heavier to the front. But, that’s where cavalry does best. Riding through gunfire, saving the beleaguered Infantry, smashing into the enemy line. Major Thomas loved the cavalry.

Once they got to the edge of town, Major Thomas knelt down and started firing at the targets he could see through the slit. There was a vehicle ahead. His Sergeant adjusted course slightly. The armored vehicle collided with the truck, uprooting them both. The armored vehicle tumbled to his side. Reaching back, Major Thomas grabbed the radio handset from the unconscious Signals Sergeant, “Shirl, you have command.” Major Thomas took a deep breath, swung open the bottom escape hatch and jumped out, pistol in his left hand. He fired a shot into a Vledscan soldier. He grabbed the Cavalry Saber he kept on the outside of the vehicle. A soldier came at him with a bayonet. Major Thomas deflected the bayonet upwards, fired a round into the soldier’s chest, and took a swipe out of his neck with the sword.

His driver tumbled out the escape hatch, “I’m right sorry Sir. I hit that a bit wrong. Next time.” He pulled up his carbine and fired at a soldier from the truck.

“Next time.” Major Thomas rallied the rest of his unhorsed Lancers and made their way back to the front line, heading to the Infantry Officer who looked to be in charge.

“Major Dan Thomas. Seahaven Regiment of Horse. I heard y’all were in trouble, so I stopped by for help.”

Captain Gates replied, “Captain Gates, 202nd Infantry. You ruined my glorious last stand, but I guess thank yous are in order. I would shake your hand, but they have got a spot of blood on them, I have been helping with the wounded.”

“Captain Gates, You led 100 rifles and 10 guns into battle against what looked like a Regiment of Infantry with an Armored detachment.” Major Thomas extended his hand, “I will shake your hand.” Captain Gates accepted and the two shook before Major Thomas continued, “Now, I’ve been unhorsed and passed command of the squadron over to my XO, need any help here?”

“Any help with wounded would be best. Your trucks seem to be making quick work of everything.”


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