The Next Day

Evans got out of his office and walked into the common area. Johnson was boiling some water for coffee. Evans said, “Morning Johnson.”

“Oh!” Johnson jumped a bit in fright and grabbed at the knife on her belt, “Sorry.”

“A bit excitable this morning Corporal?” Evans pointed to the knife, “Any reason you’re wearing that?”

“Just want to feel safe Sergeant.”

The door to McGilligan and Johnson’s room opened and McGilligan came out looking rather tired.

Johnson looked over, “Good morning Kitty, want some coffee?”

“That would be lovely Em, Thanks,” McGilligan looked to Evans, “Morning Sergeant.”

“You two have a good time last night?”

“I would rather not talk about last night Sergeant,” Johnson looked away from Evans, “But you shan’t worry about Kitty and me anymore.”

“Very Well,” Evans left the tent to go to Captain Gates tent.

A Corporal in the Military Police waved to him, “You Sergeant Evans?”

“Yes Corporal, Need me for something?”

“You have a Corporal Emily Johnson and a Lance Corporal Catherine McGilligan?”

“Yes Corporal.”

“Good, Can I borrow them for a few hours?”

“Reason why?”

“They’re part of an investigation. Don’t worry, they’re not in trouble, and they’ll be back once they make some statements.”

“Very Well.”

Evans shrugged, guess that had something to do with it. He then walked to Captain Gates’ tent. There was a meeting that the Captain seemed a bit flustered about calling. So when Evans got into the briefing room, there was an air of worry. He took a seat next to Turner.

She whispered to him, “You know what this is about?’

“No, I was gonna ask you.”

The Captain walked in, uniform a bit askew and a bit flustered looking. The gathered soldiers stood to attention and saluted. Once her returned the salute and everyone sat down, Captain Gates started the meeting with an apology, “Sorry about my state. I’ve been at meetings all through the night. Very Well. As of 12 hours ago, the Vledscan army has abandoned most of it’s front line positions and has withdrawn about fifty kilometers. Our troops are in a chase to reestablish the front line. Because of this, they are bypassing several towns, cities, and villages. Several Regiments, including the 202nd are being deployed to clear these. We’re going to be separated into Platoons with two trucks each. Second Platoon, since your Lieutenant is still on his way, I’ll be attached to you for the time being. We move out in two days at 0500, so make sure your squads are ready. All leaves are cancelled. All passes are cancelled. Training sessions are cancelled and are replaced at the discretion of the Squad Leader. Regimental all hands meeting will be tonight at 1900 in the parade grounds. Full combat kit inspection. Officers and Platoon Sergeant meeting afterwards for orders to be passed out. When we finish the town clearings, we’ll not be coming back here, so everyone should pack anything not combat essential and collect it to be shipped to our next base.


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