Evans walked into the squad briefing room. Everyone was gathered for the nights meeting, “Alright squad, I’ve got some good news about tomorrow night. We’re knocking off at 5 O’Clock tomorrow and have the nights leave. There will be trucks going into town you can take rides on if you want. We’ll also have a late start the next day, so feel free to drink excessively, I know I will. I’ve also communicated with Captain Gates, and one of the bars open to enlisted personnel is offering a free beer to soldiers in uniform. They’ve got a big flag out front.”

Sighing, Evans continued, “As you can guess, that means I have bad news coming up. Nothing for sure, but rumor has it we’re headed back to the front in a week or two, so have a good time while you can. Tomorrow, in accordance with the rumor, we will be doing marksmanship training and doing trench raid training. So clean your rifles extra well tonight. Muster is at 5 AM tomorrow. 10 AM the day after. That day will be mostly classroom, so you don’t have to worry about everything being in perfect shape, we’ll be learning about how to fortify a building against attack, and in the evening, I’ll be assigning what gear and what roles we’ll each have in the event that we’ll need to fortify a building. Shockingly, the day after that, we’ll be fortifying a building. Once we’re done, we’ll have to assault another squad’s building to learn how to break through an unknown environment.”

“Next,” Evans pulled out a folder for each soldier and passed them out, “Sign that we’re headed back to the front, a lawyer is visiting the Battalion to review everyone’s wills, so if you want to update it, now would be the time to do it. If you don’t have one yet, you should probably get on that. The rail line is also out for maintenance for a few days, so no mail in or out. If you really need to communicate with someone, you can go to the telegraph office in town tomorrow night. Any questions?”

There were no questions, so Evans let them go, and the squad turned in for the night.


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