Evans opened the door to the tent and entered, followed by McGilligan. Evans went to Tiscornia . McGilligan went to her room, and moments later she ran out crying. Fuck.

Evans stormed over to the room and looked in. Someone had used ink to stain “WHORE” onto McGilligan’s bunk. Evans walked over to Tiscornia and whispered, “Is everyone here?”

“Yeah Evans.”

“Good. Tell the Sergeant Major that First Squad will not be present for dinner, as soon as you get back here, full combat dress and kit.”

Taking a deep breath in, Evans took a moment to compose himself. He then turned to the room, “TEN MINUTES, FULL COMBAT DRESS AND FULL KIT. ASSEMBLE OUTSIDE THE TENT.”

Evans went to his office and got his full uniform and kit on. Once he did he waited out the rest of the time. And as soon as ten minutes passed, Evans got an angry look on his face and marched out to the entrance. The squad was standing outside, “I SAID ASSEMBLE. NOT LOLLIGAG. YOU KNOW THIS. FIRST ROW: JOHNSON, OLLIE, MCGILLIGAN, HOWE, NIVELLE. SECOND ROW: TISCORNIA, CALLAHAN, SHEPPARD, MADISON.”

The squad shuffled around into the formation. Evans pulled up alongside and marched the squad to the training ground. They spent the next hour crawling through the thirty meter mud pit and then sprinting the forty meter track. After the first half hour, it wasn’t really sprinting, it was more of jogging. But they kept at it. Once that hour was up, the squad started a run through the mud with occasional dives into the mud for another hour. Then a run around the compound until people started to drop. Sheppard dropped first. Howe was next. Madison followed. Then McGilligan and Ollie at about the same time. Once Nivelle fell, Evans stopped the run. He gathered the squad and they made their way back to the tent.

“You all look like shit,” Evans looked at his watch before he continued, “It’s 8 pm. We have company inspection tomorrow. To make sure we don’t all look like idiots, I’m going to have an inspection of the tent in two hours. Don’t fail. Dismissed.”

Evans went straight to his office and started getting ready. Hopefully that would get everyone working somewhat together.


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