The rumbling and creaking got closer and closer. Evans’ hands gripped tighter and tighter to his rifle. He looked to his right. Howe had a terrified look on her face. He reached out with his right arm, patted her shoulder, and smiled. She looked back and tried to give a smile.

Evans looked further past Howe at Tiscornia. Tiscornia had an almost calm and accepting look on his face.

A few grenades dropped into the trench, but they were quickly taken care of. The plan was working.

This didn’t make Evans feel any better though.


It all happened in an instant. The Armored Beasts rolled over. Whistles blew down the line. Evans lept out of the trench. The surprised Vledscan Infantrymen were breaking formation for the fight. Evans ran his bayonet through a stunned officer. The man had glasses. He looked young. He was holding his pistol up. It hadn’t registered to him that he should fight back. Evans pulled his trigger.

Using his boot, Evans pushed the officer backwards to the ground and off his bayonet. He bolted his rifle and fired a snap shot at a soldier bringing his shovel down on an Ethslin soldier. Another Bolt. Fox Company quickly engaged the second line of advancing troops before turning around to attack the Beasts. Evans put his rifle over his shoulder, took out his shovel and ran towards the nearest one.

There was a hatch on the back. Evans put the blade of the shovel under the latch and pried it upwards. He gripped it and pulled back. Someone else dropped a grenade into the hatch. Evans pushed it shut. There were muffled terrified screams in Vledscan before the Explosion silenced them. Evans could see Major Kestel wave her sword to pull back into the trench to repulse any other waves. He looked to his right up the line, First Battalion’s line appeared to have broken. Some of the Beasts were still moving. Several red flares were shot up from beyond the second line.



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