Assembling a Working Party

“Major!” Evans and Captain Gates saluted as they entered the dugout.

“Captain, Sergeant,” Major Kestel returned the salutes then shook Captain Gates’ hand, “You missed the meeting. Luckily, the 137th fended off the attack. We got a runner from them though, their lines are pretty smashed up. Colonel Strummer is asking that every Battalion send a party to work on repairs. I would like you to organize a party for Sergeant Evans to lead. A dozen soldiers should be good. I will let you and Evans decide on the party. Since your office is a bit… out of order right now. I will be at my meeting with Regiment. Polly will be in the other room if you need a runner. Once you’re done, gather the team, and Sergeant Evans, report to the 137ths Colonel.” Major Kestel grabbed her files then left the dugout.

Evans then led the Captain to his desk and pulled out the seat. Captain Gates smiled, nodded and sat down, “Sergeant, I have got two Lance Corporals that I have had my eye on, and I would like to give them a little experience before giving putting them in for promotion. Lance Corporal Reilly and Lance Corporal Penn, who you met earlier. And for the other ten,” Captain Gates looked into his notebook, “I have got Privates Carter, Russell, Davies, George, Thompson, Walker, Mason, Bradley, Simpson, and Brooks. All relatively new, and I want you to tell me if there seems to be any trouble makers in the bunch.. Would you mind writing up a short report on the party and everyone in it?”

“No sir, wouldn’t mind at all. Might I suggest having the two Lances doing the write up on the Privates though? It will get them a bit more experience writing reports.”

“Sounds good Sergeant. Shall we assemble the team?”

“Yes Captain. I just need to grab my entrenching tool,” Evans walked to his kit bag and freed the folding shovel, “Got it Captain.”

“Very Well,” the Captain stood up and fixed his uniform, then led Evans out of the dugout. They took the twists and turns back to Fox Company’s trench system. A Corporal had taken over for Lance Corporal Penn in the salvaging of the dugout. Captain Gates said to him, “Corporal Lawson, Do you know the whereabouts of Lance Corporals Penn and Reilly?”

“Penn’s being Penn and giving unsolicited advice to the watch. Reilly just finished an inventory of 3rd Platoon so he’s probably napping in the platoon dugout. I can send a runner to get them sir.”

“Yes. Also get Privates Carter, Russell, Davies, George, Thompson, Walker, Mason, Bradley, Simpson, and Brooks.”

“Yes Captain. Right away.”


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