“Evans! How did it go?”



“I have three children now.”

“Ooh! Exciting! Names. What are their names?”

“Graham and Paul,” Evans smiled and continued, “The four of them are sleeping in the cottage right now.”

“I will have to come visit tonight. When they are awake.”

“Alright. Sounds like a plan. I’m sure she will love it.”

“And now back to the meeting?”

“Very well Demi.”

“So, Polly and I put together somewhat of an invite list based on what you and I have talked about earlier. Right now she is getting some pens and paper so we can do a rough design for the invitation. I have someone that I have hired for the design, but we need to give them some designs for them to expand upon.”

“So what do you do for these invite things?”

“Well, the face of the invite should be my families coat of arms, surrounded by a field of daffodils. Which reminds me, I will need a few thousand daffodils for the ceremony, and my hair should be decorated with them. Also, I need a fake one made.”


“My birth flower. It is tradition that a Duke or Duchess wears the flower of their birth. For men, they just have to wear it in their lapel, but women have to wear it in their hair, which will include front line duties, which is why I want the fake one made, so I do not have to deal with fresh ones all the time. I will also be required to wear either a Turquoise Ring or Turquoise Necklace at all times. Turquoise is December’s birthstone, but it holds less symbolic value, so it will not be used for decoration.”

“Alright then. So what else on the card?”

Polly walked over, pulled up a seat and put down the paper and pens. Major Kestel picked up a pen and started tapping it for a moment, she looked at Evans and said, “What should the words on the inside say? I was thinking, ‘You are most cordially invited to the Coronation of the Major Demetria Kestel, Duchess Medway.’”

“Would the emphasis then be placed on your military rank? The ‘Major’ makes it sound like this is gonna be a military function.”

“How about ‘Her Grace, Demetria Kestel, the Duchess of Medway?’”

“I like that better. It sounds more regal.”

“Very Well. So what should we do for the interior design? I was thinking of just a single daffodil on the left face, and simple text on the right.”

Polly scribbled on a piece of paper and asked, “What about the guests name? And some sort of ‘and guest?’”

“What about people with children?” Evans smiled stupidly and said, “As the father of three, I wouldn’t want to leave my children out of this.”

Polly whacked him with her pen. “Shut up Evans.”

“He brings up a good point Polly.”

“Then just whatever their name is… and family?”

“Yes, but then someone is going to bring their third cousin.”

“You are welcomed to bring a significant other and children?” Evans said, “Then we cover married people, married people with children, and engaged people. Done.”

“Alright then,” Major Kestel looked to Polly, “You have all of that down Polly?”

“Yes Ma’am. What did you want for the cover?”

“Right, you were not here yet. The center should be my coat of arms and it should be surrounded by daffodils.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“And, we shall use my signet ring to seal all the envelopes. With purple wax. Have got to remember to use more purple.”

“Why Demi?”

“It is the color of a duchess or duke. I have to use it for my official letters now. Before I had to seal my letters with Blue. Blue is the color for anyone with the title of lord or lady.”


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