Roadblock Assault… Again

It was almost midnight. Evans checked the magazine on the Blair Auto Gun. He looked at Gunners Mate Watt and Polly. He gave a quick thumbs up, “You guys ready?”

“Yeah,” Watt looked a bit concerned, “What do we do once we hit the barricade?”

“Well, One of three things could happen. First, we could break through, in which case, we should turn round and get to the assault team and join them. Second, we could get stuck in the barricade and fight our way out. Third, we could all die instantly in the crash,” Evans shrugged, “That’s my least favorite option. So, ready now?”

Watt checked the bolt of her Auto Rifle for the tenth time, “Yeah, yeah. I think I’m OK.

Polly smiled at Evans, “Maybe if I’m a war hero Lord Halsey won’t call me a whore, ay?”

“You’re too poor to be a war hero.”

“Well I’ll ram my medals up his ass.”

“Excuse me?” the Gunners Mate spoke up.

“Yes Watt?”

“Why would Lord Halsey insinuate that… Private?.. Polly is a prostitute?”

Polly laughed, “My husband’s family does not approve of our marriage because I am not nobility… Also, my husband is Lord Halsey’s inheriting Grandson…”

“Ann Pollard?” Watt looked confused at Polly.

The Northeast team opened fire, Evans started the truck. Polly smiled, “Ann Stoddart, Now let’s go fucking kill something.”

Evans started to drive the truck forward and thought through the plan in his head. A right turn, left turn, floor it, wait for Alduino, once everything starts exploding, open fire.

He exhaled, “Don’t forget to keep giving me bullets Polly.”

Right turn.

Left Turn.

The roadblock came into view. The eastern end was lit brightly with gunfire. Good.

There was a crack of a rifle shot overhead.

A black streak soared towards the roadblock.

Small explosion, miss.

A second crack and a second streak.

Second small explosion. A few shots started coming towards the truck.

A third crack and a third streak.

Large explosion. Hit.


Evans and Watt opened fire on the roadblock. Polly made sure to help both of them with reloading. Alduino on top started firing rifle grenades towards the east side to soften up the bulk of the enemy forces.

The roadblock was getting closer. Evans was able to see individual soldiers on the roadblock. This was somewhat helped by the flickering flames illuminating the area.

The truck was now close enough that Evans was able to look for a place to hit with the truck. That spot looked good. Evans turned the wheel a bit, “BRACE FOR IMPACT!”

The truck collided with the barrier and broke most of the way through. Fuck, “POLLY! KEEP YOUR FOOT ON THE GAS! I’LL GO OUT AND PUSH!”

Evans grabbed two more magazines from Polly, slipped out of the truck, and shouldered the submachine gun. Hopefully he could get the truck out before anyone manning the barricade was brave enough to come check it out. He leaned and pushed as hard as he could against the truck while Polly was spinning the wheels. Something broke free and the truck shot off into the dark… Fuck.

Evans unshouldered the submachine gun, ran to the nearest cover, and ducked down. There was a quick machine gun spray. He poked his head out to try and locate it. Luckily, the gunner was polite enough to fire another burst at Evans face, so Evans ducked back down. He took a few breaths, stood up, and fired a few bursts at the machine gun. Evans ducked back down, pulled his helmet off, and put it on the butt of the submachine gun. He slowly extended it out from behind the cover. Nothing. He pulled the gun back in and put his helmet back on and stood up, keeping the gun trained on the machine gun. Evans heard a soft groan. Thank god.

Evans started walked up the stairs of the roadblock onto a catwalk and made his way west, towards where the assault force should be coming in. He could hear some rifle fire, so the assault must be under way. Now hopefully none of those idiots would shoot him.

He saw someone walking below. Helmet was wrong. He sent a quick burst into the man’s skull.

People started to shoot at him. Evans ducked to the side of the catwalk, regretting his loud killing of the man. He prepared to return fire, he heard a shout.


Wait, shit, “FUCKERS! IT’S ME! EVANS!”


Rifle shots started coming in from the other way, so Evans took cover again and fired a few wild bursts from behind cover. The Assault team from below kept pushing forward. After a few minutes more of hard fighting, the team managed to clear the roadblock with no casualties.


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