Immediately after their daring escape through the Vledscan lines, Radek and Evans had been thrown into separate jail cells and left there. It had been two days and the only human contact he had had was the Private who brought food and water twice a day.

“James Fucking Evans?” A familiar voice yelled into the cell.

“Cadet Chambers. Officers should not use familiar language.”

Wait. Chambers? It couldn’t be.

Lucy walked into the cell, wearing an officer’s skirt, shined boots, a blouse with a rainbow tie, and red insignia showing her status as an officer cadet. She smiled, shut the door, and waved, “How’s it going Goldfish?”

“Um… I’ve been better. I just spent half a year in prison, then spent a week on the run, and now I’m in prison again. And I’m pretty sure everyone I know except for you thinks I’m dead,” Evans sighed, “On the plus side, it turns out that you aren’t dead.” He pointed to her shoulder patches, “So what’s up with this?”

She sighed, “Well, after all my surgeries were done, it ended up I could still walk. Not enough to fight, but enough to do office work. And the army wants more able bodied junior officers on the front, so they’re commissioning some injured enlisted to fill behind the lines roles. I’m now training to be an intelligence officer.”

“You’re an Intel officer?” Evans stroked his chin, “The same woman who couldn’t do basic addition?”

“But, I know Vledscan and Moravian,” She paused, “Well, I am fluent in Moravian, and I’m pretty good with Vledscan.”

“Huh, hidden depths,” Evans sat back on his cot, “Now why are you here and why am I not headed back to the 202nd?”

Lucy pulled a notepad out of her blouse and read the first page, “Um, well, it looks like they don’t believe that you are who you say you are. They think you are a spy. Because, well, you really seem like one. You claim to be from the most famous unit in the army and claim to have served under the most famous captain and claim to be a medal winner who was killed months ago. It basically looks like some idiot picked up a newspaper and read the first article they saw.”

“Well, good thing I have you here then…” Evans paused, “So what happened with Radek?”

“We have you two separated so we can compare your story. Someone else is interrogating him now. Once we determine that you two are telling the truth, we will let you go, and send Radek to be further interrogated before we let him go,” Lucy sat down next to Evans on his cot, swung around, and laid down behind him.

“And why are you hanging out in here instead of letting me go?”

“Guh…” Lucy held her legs up and attempted to touch her fingers to her toes, “It’s really boring Goldfish. Once I’m done with this I have to do like a ton of paperwork. So I’m keeping that door closed for at least two hours.”

“So what are we doing for the next two hours? You guys have kept my cell very empty.”

“Well what did we normally do back in Urbs?” She swiveled around and sat up next to Evans, “I annoyingly try and convince you to have sex with me while you stoically refuse?”

Evans sighed, “I’m still married.”

“Well you are still technically dead, and dead people can’t be married.”

“Yes, I’m sure that would go over well with Anna. ‘Yes I had sex with her, but it didn’t count because I was dead’” Evans sighed, “And wouldn’t that make you a necrophiliac?”

“A Necra what?”

“It means you have sex with dead people.”

Lucy shrugged, “I’m an officer, I could order you to do it.”

“I am very sure that’s illegal and would get you stripped of your rank and thrown in prison.”

“Well,” Lucy drummed her legs, “Because you’ve been in prison for six months, are very horny, and want to fuck your very attractive friend?”

“Wow, great point, I’m glad I married my very attractive friend so I can do that when I get home,” Evans stood up and walked to the other side of the cell, “Why am I friends with you again?”

“We’re friends because the narrative demands it,” Lucy stood up and mimed holding a pistol out, “I’m the dashingly beautiful quirky hero and you’re the bumbling sidekick.”

“Oh, you’re the hero and I’m the bumbling sidekick,” Evans started to list things on his fingers, “I’ve saved your life way more than you’ve saved mine, I have done things far more impressive than you, I have spent most of my time far away from you, and I hardly feel like a hero should repeatedly try and sleep with the bumbling sidekick.”

“But I’m an officer, and everyone knows officers are better,” Lucy put her hands on her hips, “And I fit the look of a hero. I’m beautiful, except for the tragic scar on my face,I’ve also got the right figure for it, and I can make some pretty exaggerated gestures.”

“Oh moving pictures don’t count,” Evans sighed, “Those things are just popular because of the novelty.”

“You only think that because you’re from Halton or whatever. When you get a Movie Hall your mind will change…” Lucy was interrupted by a knock on the door. She quickly calmed herself down and opened the door, “Sir!”

Evans couldn’t see the officer through the door, but could hear him, “I was updating your file and saw that you used to be in the 202nd. Is that true?”

Lucy blushed, “Um, yes Sir.”

“And did you know the Lance Corporal personally?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Is this James Evans?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Go do your paperwork Cadet,” The officer pushed past Lucy as she left the room. He was a tall Major with short, cropped, blond hair, “Sorry about the suspicion Lance Corporal. Your Regiment is in Newacre if you want to rejoin them, and I’ve given you a weeks leave before you have to get to the train. And, since this is a bit weird of a circumstance, I’ve been authorized to discharge you from service if you want.”

“I’ll take a weeks leave Sir. I just have one question Sir,” Evans paused. He wasn’t sure he wanted to hear the answer, “Is the Lady Demetria still alive?”

“Yes Lance.”


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