The 28th of April. Evans was coming home. It had been several long months since the last time he had seen Anna. All the way back in November. Oddly enough, he had consistently received letters from her during his time at the front, but as soon as they had entered the months of offensive training far into Western Ethslin, the letters had halted. Something about secrecy. He laughed a bit. Nine months since he had married Anna, and he had barely spent any time with her.

The Taxi pulled to a halt in front of the apartment complex. Evans reached for his money, but the driver shook his head, “No, Thank you for service.”

Evans smiled, opened the door, and started to drag his kit bag out of the back seat when the front door of the apartment complex burst open. Anna burst out, looking significantly larger than Evans remembered her. She pushed Evans back into the Taxi, sat down, pointed at the taxi driver, and shouted, “Hospital Now!”

As the Taxi pulled out, she grabbed Evans’ face and kissed him, “Good Timing James.”

“Wait, Why are we going to the Hospital?”

“Remember? Like, nine months ago?”

It slowly dawned on Evans, “Wait, if the Baby is coming now, we should go back home!”

“We’re not farmers James! Real people are born in hospitals!”

“Wait, I’m a farmer and was born in a barn, am I not a real person?” He paused. His eyes widened, “Oh My God, We’re having a baby!”

This idiotic shouting match continued until the taxi arrived at the hospital.


Evans waited impatiently outside the room. He kept hearing screaming, but he couldn’t do anything. After what felt like forever, a Nurse opened the door. She looked at him, “You can come in now Mister Evans.”

He smiled and pushed past her. He looked at the bed where Anna lay. She was smiling, holding a bundle of blankets.

Anna looked up at him. She turned the bundle towards him and squeaked, “It’s a girl! We made a little girl!”

Grabbing the little bundle, Evans kissed her head. He then looked at Anna, “What do we want to name it?”

“Mary. Her name will be Mary,” She smiled absent mindedly, “You can name the next one.”

Evans kissed Anna on the forehead, “Well I’ve got leave in two months on the 28th of June. We can make one then.”



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