It had been eight days since Evans had arrived at the hospital. Eight boring days. Get up. Eat Breakfast. Talk with Lucy. Lunch. Talk with Sarah. Dinner and Rounds. Sleep. Still better than combat.

Evans started his routine. He had just about finished breakfast when he heard a voice call out from the entrance, “James!”

He dropped his tray and attempted to stand up. Forgetting his crutches, he tumbled over and fell face first on the floor. He heard the patter of feet running over. Anna’s face popped down in front of him, “Sorry.” She kissed his forehead and then helped him up. She then hugged him and helped to sit him back down on his bed. Anna then stepped back.

Anna was finally starting to show her pregnancy, and was wearing a cyan dress. Evans smiled at her, “Long time no see.”

She gestured to Miller, “Are you going to introduce me?”

“He’s Miller,” Evans frowned. He then shook his head and smiled, “But whatever. So how’s Seahaven?” Bending over and listening to her belly, he asked, “And little James Junior?”

Laughing, Anna replied, “Work is… dobry. I mostly fix up uniforms for officers. And since I’m starting to show, people stop telling me that I should enlist. Now I’m a heroic soldiers spouse, raising the next generation of heroes.”

Miller got on his wheelchair and left the room, “I’ll be back for lunch.”

Evans waited a few seconds, “Well he does one nice thing for a change. I really don’t like him, and he’s the only other person in my room,” He smiled for a moment, “Apparently Lucy is not only alive, but being transfered to this ward tomorrow. She’s been in the Emergency ward, but they need the bed.”

“That’s nice. So how was everyone back in the platoon? How’s Tiscornia?”

“Still a Lance Corp, but Giuliano is a Corporal, and Chilly is all the way to Sergeant,” Evans smiled, “Plus, did you get my letter about the new Lieutenant?”

“It was all censored.”

“Well, the New Lieutenant is Lady Demetria. Literally. Like the future Duchess. Seriously.”

Anna looked shocked, “Wait… Really? But… Really? Wow. What’s she like? Is she as beautiful as I always imagined? Ooh, what was she wearing?”

“An Army uniform?” Evans paused, “She also had a sword with her, like one of those that knights used. And she’s really short. I sort of… You know, royalty I always imagined being taller. But what she lacked in height, she seemed to make up in soldiering. We charged three nests, with her out front with that sword. She’ll either get the platoon killed, or put us down in the history books.”

Anna hugged Evans, “Well don’t let her get you killed when you get better, I don’t want our dziecko growing up without a father.” She looked to the door of the tent, “Now, how long will we be alone in this tent?”

“A few more hours, no one really comes through here.”

Smirking, Anna got up and pushed Evans down onto his back, “You’re hurt, so I don’t want you doing anything.” She quickly ran over and secured the tent closed, then walked back. Her dress dropped to the floor, “Now my belly’s a bit bigger this time, but at least my breasts are too.”

Evans laughed. Anna approached and started to undo his belt. She looked him in the eyes. Her face started to melt away, revealing the skull underneath. Her skin caught fire, the room darkened, and Evans screamed.

As Anna jumped back, Captain Taylor ran into the tent, “Oh shit… Sorry.” He averted his eyes from Anna, who was covering herself with a blanket and approached Evans, “Lance Corporal. Are you alright?”

“He’s Dead! He’s Dead! It should have been fucking me!” Evans grabbed the Captain’s lapels and pulled himself up, “Why did he have to fucking die!?” Evans collapsed and started to cry, “It was my fault. I should have positioned the machine better. But no. I don’t even remember his name.”

“Shit, Umm…” The Doctor looked at Anna, “And who are you lass?”

“I’m his wife doctor,” Anna pulled the blanket closer to her and started walking to her dress, “I’m visiting from Seahaven.”

The captain nodded, “That would explain your state of dress… Um… So, was there anything up when you came in and um…” The Captain gestured to her clothes, “And undressed?”

Evans had collapsed in his bed and was crying. The Captain looked away while Anna dressed. She thought back on the few minutes since she had arrived, “No Captain… Doctor… He seemed normal when I came. He was laughing, making jokes.”

“Well Shit…” He shrugged, “I don’t know about brains. Um… I guess stay and comfort him. But uh… don’t…” The Captain drummed his fingers, “Do him?”

“Yes Captain,” Anna sat down next to Evans and started petting his head. The Captain shrugged and left the tent.

Anna whispered to Evans, “So, are you alright? Can you talk to me?”

Evans was quiet. He pulled his blanket over his face and put his face into the pillow. She patted his back. She reached into one of the pockets of her dress and pulled out a small package, “Well, when you’re feeling better, I bought you a book. It’s a detective novel. Bernard Sharpe. I think you’ll like it.” She then pulled out a letter, “Also, I received a letter a few days that you’re to receive the Medal of Ethslin Fourth Class, and the award ceremony is on the 23rd of October in Newacre. I found the address of your parents in Halton and wrote invited them to it. I also sent a letter booking us a hotel near the parade grounds. We get in on the 22nd, when you’ll report to Army doctors. The next evening, you rejoin the 202nd and receive the award. On the 24th… the 202nd leaves again.”

There was a moment of silence. Evans rolled over, “Sharpe? He always writes those sword fights. Who has sword fights in real life?”


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