Link Up

“Little One!” Major Anson called from downstairs, “A Mister Simmons is here to see you!”

Evans finished up the last stitching on the flag, fixed his uniform, and ran downstairs and saluted, “Captain Simmons. Good to see you sir.”

Captain Simmons returned the salute, “Good to see you Private.” He then turned to Major Anson, “Nice to meet you Ma’am.”

Major Fitzroy came over, “Thanks for the sewing Evans, Elise and I still do not know how to do it. We’ll have to look for a new runner who can.”

Evans saluted the Majors, “Thank you very much Majors.”

The Captain shook the hands of the two Majors and turned to Evans, “Company is waiting outside Private. You may join them.” As Evans left, the Captain sat down. Evans was treated to a small cheer when he got out the door.

Tiscornia was leaning on an armored car with his arm around Giuliano. Chilcott was standing next to them with Sergeant boards on his shoulders. Newey and Head were sharing a flask. Turner and Ustinov were on the ground playing cards. A few other privates Evans didn’t recognize were sitting around. Most surprisingly, Cain was sitting on the hood of the truck, smoking.

Evans spoke first, “So I’m not dead if you were wondering. And Cain, how are you doing?”

“Good,” Cain pulled up her shirt showing a long scar from a bayonet, “Plus I’ve got a cool scar. And according to the doctor, I’ve got a bit of the bayonet still in me. Cool huh? And I heard you knocked up Zwev. Nice.”

Chilcott butted in, “About Zwev… If you haven’t sent a letter yet… We got a days leave, and I may have… went to inform her of your death personally… Sorry… If you are worried, Zwev was very sad when she heard.”

“I just sent her a letter yesterday. Knowing the Army, it will get to her in three months,” Evans then gestured to Chilcott’s shoulders, “Congrats on the promotion… And what’s with these fancy trucks?”

Chilcott smiled, “No more scouting and recon. We’re attached to the Cavalry now. So this should be fun…”

“And what Chilly didn’t mention, we’ve got a few new kids, and one guy who is… you know, smart,” Tiscornia turned his head and yelled back, “Pastor! Over here!”

“Yes Dominic.” After a few moments, an older private walked over. He appeared to be in his late thirties. He extended his hand to Evans, “Hello my child, I’m Private Lewis. As young Dominic mentioned, I have spent the last eighteen years as a Pastor, but I am open for something new.”

“A Pastor? No offense Pastor Lewis, but why are you here?” Evans bobbled his head back and forth, “I mean, you’re university educated. Couldn’t you be a chaplain, or at least an officer? You know, and not be miserable all the time?”

The Pastor smiled, “A Pastor is supposed to help spread the word to those in need. And I feel like God is most needed by the young men and women on the front. And is their a better way to spread the word than to be miserable with you.”

“Eh, good enough,” Evans shrugged, “Hey, does anyone have an extra weapon for me? I’ve lost mine in all the chaos.”

“I think Cavalry has some extra,” Chilcott put his hands on his hips, “I’ll ask the new LT when she comes around.” He paused for a moment, “So did Chambers ever manage to get to you? 401st didn’t hear from her either.”

“Yeah… She almost made it all the way back. Last I saw, she was being operated on in a front line hospital. Lost a lot of blood. I checked, and she didn’t pass through the hospital here,” Evans put his hands in his pockets, “So… What happened to Lieutenant Stoddart?”

“He was transfered to special forces. He’s going to be in the miners. And impressively, our new Lieutenant is Lieutenant Demi Kestel. She’s supposed to link up with us here.”

“Yes I am,” a short Lieutenant, about 160 centimeters walked up. The soldiers snapped to attention to salute, but she waved them off, “We don’t need salutes here. I already now I’m better than you. Now, first thing first, which one of you is Private Evans?”

“I am Ma’am.”

The Lieutenant reached into her pocket and pulled out an envelope, “You’re a Lance Corporal now soldier. You’ll be under the command of whoever Sergeant Chilcott is. I expect you to be in Uniform by tomorrow.” She then yelled out, “Second Platoon Fox Company! Fifteen Minutes until All Company meeting!” She then handed a piece of paper to Sergeant Chilcott, “Here’s a roster Sergeant… I’ll get your name later. Farewell soldiers.”

Sergeant Chilcott looked over the list, “Hey, Maria, Dom, Evans, Pastor. I’m in charge of you guys. Pastor and Nazarri are under Evans. Delage and the new girl Laker are under Tiscornia.”

Evans was still somewhat in shock, “Wait, did I get promoted by The Demetria Kestel?”

“Yeah, Lady Demetria is our new Lieutenant,” Newey peered over at the Lieutenant, who was talking with a few cavalry officers, “And she is way hotter than she looks in the newspapers.”

“You are talking about the heir apparent to the Duchy of Medway, not some random woman on the street,” Cain was visibly annoyed.

“But look at the tits under that uniform. And you’re just annoyed because you Medwayens actually care about your aristocrats,” Newey took a drink from his flask and went back to staring at the Lieutenant, “So what the hell is she doing on the front instead of aiding some general?”

“We Medwayens take pride in our warrior heritage. We gave you all a run for your money in the Unification Wars.” Cain took another drag on her cigarette and leaned back on the truck.

“If I recall correctly, we won that war,” Newey stuck his tongue out at Cain.

“If I recall correctly,” the Lieutenant tapped Newey on the shoulder, “We were outnumbered four to one in almost every battle, but we still won most of them.” She then turned to Cain, “And you Private, it will be nice to serve with a real warrior.”

“Thank you Lady Demetria, it is an honor to serve under you,” Cain then kneeled in front of the Lieutenant and bowed her head, “I am Private Hannah Cain Ma’am.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Cain,” the Lieutenant put her hand on Cain’s shoulder and turned to Newey, “And you Lance Corporal. If you weren’t far below my stature, I am way out of your league. Look at my body, my beautiful, voluptuous body… Now look at your body. Especially the face. I win.” She then turned to Evans, “And why I came back here. I’d like to be the first to congratulate you.” She pulled out another piece of paper and started reading off of it, “Private James Evans of the 202nd Infantry division has been recommended for the Medal of Ethslin, Fourth Class for his actions on the night of 7 September 1326. Recommending Officer is Lieutenant Jane Ricci.” She looked up, “I guess you’re having a good day.” The Lieutenant then turned and left once again.

Newey nodded, “I like her.”


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