Leave Before Urbs

Evans knocked on the door of the apartment. Anna’s voice echoed from within, “Could you come back later Reggy? My husband’s visiting soon and I want to tidy up.”

“Too late Anna, I’m here!”

There was a clatter and after a few seconds, the door flung upon. Anna grabbed Evans and hugged him. She took a step back, smiled for a second, and kissed him, “Of course you’d come now, the kitchen is still a mess and I haven’t made the bed. Though I suppose you’d want to mess up the bed again anyways.”

Evans smiled, “Actually, I have reservations for lunch,” He looked at his watch, “In about thirty minutes, so we should get going if you’re ready.”

Looking down at her dress, she responded, “Well, I’d rather put on a nicer dress.”

“Well I think you look beautiful in that dress,” Evans smiled and kissed Anna.

She laughed, “Well you have to think I’m beautiful, you’re my husband. I’ll go put on my Mauve dress.” Anna turned around and went into her bedroom.

Evans walked over to the kitchen and looked around, “You don’t even know how far away this restaurant is! It could be half an hour away and we’ll lose our reservation!”

“You know,” Anna laughed from the other room, “You’ve matured a lot since two weeks ago.”

Getting himself a glass of water from the tap, Evans yelled back, “What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m changing my clothes, we have a room to ourselves, and you aren’t feeling me up,” She came out wearing the Mauve dress and a matching cloche hat, “You didn’t even peek at me while I was changing. Have you become a gentleman while I’ve gone?

“No, just impatient,” Evans took a quick drink, put the glass down, and offered his arm, “Shall we, it’s a really nice place, and I had to put a deposit for the reservation.”

After a short walk, the Evans pointed up at a sign, “Here we are, Witold’s Restaurant. Apparently it has the most authentic Silesian food in all of Seahaven.”

Anna kissed Evans, “Aww, thanks James… And it’s pronounced like Vitold.”

The hostess walked up to them, “Hello, are you the Evans party?”

“Yes Ma’am, I’m James and this is my wife Anna.”

The hostess seated the two at a table outside the restaurant and handed them menus. After a few minutes, an older man came by to their table, “I’m Witold, are you two ready to order?”

Anna smiled, “Może mam białą kiełbasą płytkę i wodę proszę?”

“Mówisz śląski?” Witold took out a pad of paper to write down the order.

“Tak! Mój mąż nie ma jednak,” Anna gestured at Evans, who was looking confused.

“Czy jesteś ze Śląska, a następnie?” Witold put his arm on the wall and leaned on it.

“Tak, wychowałem się tam,” Anna put her right hand onto Evans’ left hand.

“Um, I have no idea what is going on?” Evans looked at the menu, “And I can’t pronounce anything on this menu.”

“You’ll have the Flaczki and water,” Anna put her hand into her purse and waited for Witold to leave. She pulled out an envelope, put it on the table, and pulled out a photograph, “So, I got one of those photography cameras and made two of those fancy portraits. This one is in the dress I’m wearing right now, because you said you liked it. I also put a piece of the mauve fabric in the envelope so you can remember the color.”

Evans smiled and kissed Anna, “So what’s the other picture?”

“Um…” sliding the first photograph back into the envelope she pushed it over to Evans, “You can look at it some place more private.”

“Oh,” Evens pushed the envelope into his breast pocket and then reached into his pant pocket and pulled out a small box, “I also picked something up on my way here,” Evans opened the box and pulled out two rings, “So we can be like a real married couple.”

Anna pulled Evans over the table and kissed him. She then slid the ring on her finger, “Hey, it, actually fits.” A confused look appeared on her face, “There’s a woman waving at me… I don’t know who she is… She is coming over though.”

Turning to look over his shoulder, Evans squinted at the woman, who was wearing a light blue dress, “She looks sort of familiar.”

“GOLDFISH!” the woman yelled at Evans, “WHO’S THE GIRL?!”

“Excuse me,” Evans stood up as the woman approached, “Do I know you?”

The woman walked up to the fence next to the table, hiked up her dress, and climbed over it, “I’m Lucy, Lucy Chambers remember, your my sidekick or something.”

Evans shook her hand, “Lucy! I didn’t recognize you without all the, you know, dirt and grime. And you’ve got nice dress on… Plus we only met like three times,” Evans gestured to Anna, “And this is my wife, Anna.”

Standing up, Anna shook Lucy’s hand, “James mentioned you at one point, the strange woman from Company HQ right?” Anna paused and sat back down, putting her hand over her mouth, “Oh my God you were there.” She started to cry and pull at her hair, “Get it off. Get it off.”

Evans pulled his chair next to Anna and tried to comfort her. He then looked to Lucy, “Can you ask the manager for water and some towels,” Evans turned back to Anna, “It’s alright honey, you’re out of the war, everything is fine. We can leave now if you want. I’ll leave money for the check, alright?”

“No, I don’t want to go back… Don’t let me go back there…” Anna started retching and clawing at her hair.

“Look at me Anna,” Evans turned her head, “You never have to go back there. You never have to wear that uniform again.”

Witold and Lucy exited the restaurant with a pitcher of water and towels. Evans grabbed one of the towels, dipped it in the water and started washing Anna’s face. Witold poured them both a glass of water. Lucy poked her head down, waved goodbye, attempted to climb back over the fence, collapsed the fence, and then scrambled away.


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