Love and Marriage

“Pull the truck off the road here,” Tiscornia pointed to an area just off the road, about a hundred meters from the ocean. Evans turned the car off the road and shut off the car.

The group got out of the truck and gathered outside. Evans stretched and walked over next to Zwev, “Hey Anna. How was the ride?”

Smiling, Zwev responded, “Yeah, and I’m glad we’re finally here. Nice driving by the way.” She stretched her arms, “So this is the beach. What do you think?”

Evans looked around at the beach. The waves crashing up against the shore. He looked at Zwev, “Kinda seems like the desert. Except damper.”

Tiscornia walked between them and put his arms over their shoulders, “Come on, it’s great. Now let’s set up the lean to.”

The group started setting up the lean to connected to their truck. It took them about half an hour. They started to unroll their bedrolls and set up their beds. Tiscornia waved to Zwev and Evans, and pulled them out of the tent, “Hey, you two want to set up in the back of the truck, after you know, we head out. Which…” Tiscornia looked at his watch, “We should leave soon for.” He put his head in the tent, “Hey Chilly, we should get going.”

Chilcott yelled to the others, “Hey, Dom, Evans, and I are going out to get food, we’ll be back in a few hours.”

The four set off, to walk the two miles to the local church. It was a short walk, and when they arrived, they found a man sitting outside on a lawn chair. He called out to them, “Hallo! Can I be of assistance?”

Tiscornia bowed, “Are you the pastor here?”

The man got up and nodded, “Yes I am, do you need access to the church?”

Zwev grabbed Evans’ hand and stepped forward, “James and I would like to get married sir.”

“Alright,” The pastor nodded and walked to the front door of the church and unlocked it, “Follow me, and James, would you and your fiancee write your names down on the marriage list?”

Evans and Zwev nodded and moved forward. Evans knelt down and wrote, James Evans. Zwev knelt next to him and wrote, Anna Zakrzewska. The pastor peered over her shoulder, “Miss, for the marriage, I need to know how to pronounce your name. And would you like a dress? I have a few for soldier’s weddings.”

“It’s Zakrzewska sir. And yes, I would like a dress sir,” Anna stood up a swirled an imaginary dress.

The pastor gestured her into a side room and closed the door behind her. He then turned back to the three men, “Alright, you two can take a seat up in the front pew. James, could you follow me to the front?” The pastor walked to the front of the church, to the podium under the large X. Evans followed and stood next to the pastor. The pastor nodded, “So son, where are you from?”

“I’m from Halton. Its a small town near Strongfield. We’re mostly a railroad town,” Evans shrugged, “And whats your name sir?”

“Ah right, I am Pastor Daniel Blair,” Pastor Blair shrugged, “Anna is quite beautiful.”

Evans smiled, “Yes. She deserves better than this war. And speaking of…”

Zwev stumbled out of the side room, tripping over the long white dress. She smiled at Evans underneath her veil, “Hey James.” She picked up the tail of her dress and walked down the aisle. She stood up next to Evans and smiled at him.

Pastor Blair pulled a small book out of the podium, “We are gathered here today to join James Evans and Anna Zakrzewska in marriage under our lord Joshua,” He flipped through a few pages, “I’ll skip the hymns. Um… Please rise… Heavenly Father, who is in heaven above, thank you for the joy that has brought these two together. Let Anna and James be lifted up in your spirit, and may you bless this marriage. Let them be fruitful and live a life in your honor. In Joshua’s name, Amen.”

Tiscornia and Chilcott sat down. Pastor Blair flipped through a few more pages, “Since your parents aren’t here I’ll skip over that part… Anna and James, I charge you two to remember that you are being married under the Lord our God. You must trust and love each other. It is your duty to always be faithful, to love each other, and accept the love of God. Um… I’ll just skip to the end. Do you James Evans take Anna Zakrzewska to be your lawfully wedded wife and promise to love and cherish her for the rest of your natural born life?”

“Um, Yes, I do.”

“And Anna Zakrzewska, do you take James Evans to be your lawfully wedded husband and promise to love and cherish him for the rest of your natural born life?”

“I do,” Zwev smiled.

“Since James and Anna come here of open heart and pure intention, I pronounce them husband and wife,” He turned to Evans, “You may kiss the bride.”

Evans lifted the veil and kissed Anna.


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