In 1325, total war engulfed the Velian continent for the first time in several hundred years, with the great powers of Ethslin and Vledsco each taking their own respective sides. War was officially declared on 13 October, when the Ethslin main force advanced into the Vledscan Southern frontier. The Vledscan forces, momentarily forced int a retreat, quickly began to dig a network of trenches, starting at the Southern mountains, and ending in the frozen Norhtern Regions. To counter the network of trenches, Ethslin and her allies dug their own corresponding trench system, where the war remained stagnant until the Summer of 1326, when the Vledscan forces sent a fleet to land at White Beach on 13 June 1326, along Ethslin’s southern borders. The Ethslin offensive at Dry Forest started a month later, on 15 July 1326, to draw Vledscan troops to the defense and relieve pressure from the White Beach bridgehead.

Jim Evans and Jack Shaw were two inseparable friends. They grew up together in a small railroad town. After they turned 18 in 1326 and joined the Army together. Disappointingly, they were immediately separated after training. Jack was sent to the 351st Infantry at Dry Forest. Jim was sent to the 202nd Infantry, sent to stop the second wave of assaults at White Beach. He arrived to the front lines on 10 July 1326.


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